The COPCOLAB26 group is the main communication channel for exchanges between the community participating in the collaborative coverage of COP26. In it will be the communicators and communicators, activists, collective representatives, vehicles and organizations that are engaged in the coverage and that will produce and send photos, videos, texts, articles, interviews, etc., about the COP. 


The Collaborative Coverage chat on Telegram is the main space for building collaborative coverage, for interaction between those who will cover in person and those who will do it online. It will take place the sending of material, exchange of programs, tips, sharing of information about the products that are being developed, to disseminate what will be happening in Glasgow.

Each collective, vehicle or organization suggests a person who will be part of the administrators team, which will help to facilitate the dynamics of the chat and will also be responsible for selecting the best content, formatting, and uploading the COPCollab26 Channel with the necessary credits and information needed for the content dissemination.

To learn more about general guidelines for using the group click HERE

Spread the message, add credits and make the movement stronger!

If you want to invite more communicators, vehicles, collectives or partner movements, feel free. Registration is required, so share the FORM link with anyone you want to add to the action. All subscribers will go through an Admin’s registration validation, so we can avoid haters within the community. To ensure a good relationship, all people should carefully read the topic pinned in the group.

No form of discrimination will be accepted. We do not accept capacitism, racism, sexism, LGBTphobia, fatphobia, religious intolerance or any kind of prejudice. If you believe hate speech is free speech, you’re in the wrong place! Members who fail to comply with these principles will be removed from the group.

In case of doubts, just call @Thanee or @Oliver via Telegram.


To download it, just search it on Play Store or Apple Store. There are also Desktop and Web versions, which can be accessed:

Telegram Web: https://web.telegram.org/z/

Telegram Desktop: https://desktop.telegram.org/

The Admin, in our context, will be part of the chat monitoring team, helping with the group dynamics and helping to make it as fluid as possible. This person will also take care of publications on the channel, facilitating the distribution of content produced by collectives, vehicles and movements that are part of the COPCOLAB26 community

It is recommended that each group/vehicle/movement nominate one or more people for that role. Thus, we were able to distribute the functions and care in relation to product credits with greater smoothness.

To find out how to publish on the channel click HERE


We chose through the collaborative coverage building meetings that the unified hashtag will be #CopCollab26, which works in the three (3) main languages ​​of the alliance. In addition, it follows suggestions for hashtags that will also be used in the dissemination of content, being at the discretion of each vehicle, collective or organization whether or not to use them. In addition, all collectives will be able to send the hashtags of other campaigns for us to add them to the hashtag bank that will be made available to everyone. The use of it, of course, will be optional.




Do you have a hashtag and want to add it here? Just send your suggestion to the group with a #TAG


What is a Telegram Channel? 

The Telegram Channel is a platform tool that enables the transmission of messages to an unlimited audience. Persons, authorized as administrators, can send content, edit messages or delete them. The public that follows the channel content can interact, by commenting and forwarding the posted material to other contacts or groups.


The admins are in charge of posting the publications of the final products on the channel, to review, ensure that the credits and complete information are available for dissemination in the networks of those who want to post.

Sharing the final products is free. Everyone chooses what they want or don’t want to post on their digital media.

The channel link will be available to the public, that is, it can be shared on social media and/or groups. Upon entering the channel, you will have access to all content already published. 

Creative Commons License The material shared in the collaborative coverage will be licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 4.0), which means that it gives the right to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and can be remixed, transformed and created from the material. As long as the corresponding credit is placed and is not used for commercial purposes. Note: COP26 Coalition and #COPCollab26 will be collating and sharing footage and images from the group with the press throughout COP26. This is to ensure the right stories get out far and wide to the media as well as via social media and our own networks. This will be for news only. If an outlet wants to do a longer feature, we will put the author of the material directly in touch. To learn more about the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 4.0), visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/deed.en


Throughout COP 26, we will be operating with a network of online crosspost broadcasts on Facebook. To be part of the network, interested parties simply request membership by sending an email to [email protected], with the title I WANT TO BE PART OF THE TRANSMISSION NETWORK.


You can also be part of the collaborative coverage by posting content on your social media about the topic. Use the hashtag #COPCOLLAB26 so that everyone can follow the stories you tell.




To post on the CopCollab26 channel, you need to be enabled as a portal administrator. If you are not an admin and are part of the community, just send the content to the chat and from there the responsible administrathttps://copcollab26.info/en/como-publicar/ors will publish it. 

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