This document aims to guide all users on the best practices for sharing the Telegram working group.

In this sense, we guide the following:

Once you join the group, introduce yourself using the #Introduction hashtag.

Alessandra Santos, Mídia NINJA and Casa NINJA Amazônia. Cultural Producer and Activist for cultural and human and socio-environmental rights. #Introduction

About Content Sharing:

2.1) When sending some coverage material in the Telegram group, it is necessary to send along a short contextualization text answering the questions:
Who? When? where? How? (See example of item 2.2).

2.2) For photos, also indicate in the text the number of images sent (do not send more than 15 photos at a time). Credit with @ from Instagram and twitter, as well as informing if the images are treated or not.

Example: Student, union, and popular movements from all over Brazil are now meeting at the Ministry of Economy, to protest against Paulo Guedes, his Bill 32 and his corruption schemes while the people are starving.
7 Photos: Mídia NINJA (@midianinja) – Untreated

2.3) When uploading video by Telegram, choose HD upload mode to ensure the video is in good quality. Send up to a maximum of 1080.

2.4) Mediativist Ethics – Products and content shared here in the group and channel must be credited according to the orientation of the person or movement that made it available. Remember if:

Spread the message, add credits and make the movement stronger!

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